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Dedicated to Male Breast Cancer Awareness Since 1995

Obesity and Male Breast Cancer: Provocative parallels? 

Mathew P. Humphries;

V. Criag Jordan and Valerie Speirs June 2015

Seven male breast cancer men and grandson's Adam and John and others . 

For the past twenty years our charity has handed out tens of thousands of life saving brochures, booklets, Newsletters Etc. Our website was founded in 1998. 


 "Men Get Breast Cancer Too!!"

Theron Bell, Five Time

Male Breast Cancer Survivor 

Robert Kaitz, BRCA 2 Positive Male Breast Cancer & Prostate Cancer Survivor 

​​R.I.P. June 10, 2014 Howie Plotnik passed away from Breast Cancer.   

March 22, 2012 R.I.P. Late-Mr. Edward Wilson 2006 attending the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium  Texas 

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Mission  Statement:

To educate the world about the risk of breast cancer in men. We Provide Preventive, and Reactive Measures Through Education & Advocacy.